Recovering A Deleted Section

You've got a proposal that needs to be delivered in two hours and, for some reason, that section you need to tie everything together is gone. Instead of taking up precious time rewriting content you've already written, we make it easy to restore lost sections so you can spend more time on the important things (like coffee breaks).

Restoring A Lost Section To Your Section Library

Step 1: Enter the editor

If you can't find the section in your content library, then you can restore it quickly by finding a proposal that's used that section. Ask yourself: Is this section part of a template? Did I send this somewhere before? If so, find the proposal or template with this section inside. From there, enter the proposal's editor:

If it's in a template, you can enter the template editor from the template library by clicking the "edit template" button when hovering over the template of choice: 

There may be a point where you've only used this section in a proposal that is marked as Won, Lost, or archived. If that's the case, then you'll need to either duplicate or make edits to that proposal. 

To do that, enter the proposal's snapshot page and locate the "make edits" button at the top right of the snapshot page: 

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: While this will take you to that proposal's editor, it will also delete any signatures within. If you have signatures your proposal, you can make a duplicate instead by clicking the "duplicate" button: 

This will create a copy of your proposal in the Drafts queue.

Step 2: Enter the revision history

Once you've made it to the editor, locate the section you'd like to restore in the left-hand section menu. When you've found it, hover over the section, click the "..." menu button that appears on the right, and select "revision":

Step 3: Push to the content library

This will pull up the revision history for the section. Here, you can choose the revision that you need to restore to your content library by clicking version: 

Then clicking the "push" button just above that:

This will push the section currently being used to the content library, where you can add it to future proposals.

Restoring a section to your proposal/template

If you've accidentally removed a section but it's still in your library, you can easily restore it by clicking the drawer icon at the top of the section menu:

From here, a menu will appear to the right of the menu showing your content library. Locate the section you'd like to add, then click and drag it into your proposal:

This may not be the version you were specifically looking for. If that's the case, you may be able to find a saved revision in the revision history. Hover over that section and click the "..." menu button that appears on the right, then select "revision":

This will pull up the revision history, where you can select the revision that you're looking for and have it reflect in the proposal: 

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